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Revealed! The 5 Best Mobile Games for Boys

Stay with me boys, I’m gonna take you real soon to that list.

Here! If you’re a leader in those top listing 2016 games, wake up bro, the list has been refreshed. Some really cool games are now on the top blocks and trust us; some are already inflating their bragging rights and scaling their way to the leader boards.

If you trust your skills, it’s not late too either. But you must be on top of your game to get your head up among the top players, cus as a matter of fact, these games are really cool and the players are down for them too.

When you check out the first two on the list, you’d be amazed by the global scores recorded. Some of these games are actually new, but you know it’s the information age, as data is been moved in light speeds, that’s how the new release information sails along with it.

If you’re new to gaming, this list comes handy to you too. And if you’re wondering why your peers spend hours playing mobile games for boys, I’d do you a favor by digressing a bit into the benefits of gaming. Actually some boys are mobile game freaks; they too need to know some underlying benefits they are getting for their gaming times.

According to the PewReseachCenter, 83% of teens, mostly boys, play mobile games. It’s a way we spend time and engage with the fellow boys. Some of us boys have moved straight from car mobile games playtime to driving real cars. Mobile games aid vision and hand-eye coordination. The list goes on and on…

But, before I digress too far from the list, lemme come back, you never can tell, the next minute this list could need updating. The mobile games for boys are coming out really fast these days, but don’t get left behind ever again… you can always get the latest update to the best mobile games for boys on this site…

Asphalt 8

I just mentioned moving straight from mobile game driving to real life driving. There you go, this game is the bomb. I equally just told you that boys game a lot. There are an official 200 million people playing this game. Fast cars, great graphics, real tracks, captivating races… can’t really say it all. You just need to activate your play mood to get it all. Developed by Gameloft, it’s available on multiple platforms.

Critical Ops

Are you ready for some no-nonsense action packed shooting? Hop on, playing this mobile game is the place to be. The level of quality entertainment you get from this game is really amazing. To buttress the kind of action I mean, be careful only for one thing: this mobile game for boys will have you shooting on all cylinders. Don’t just go in too deep, or you’d get glued to it.

Clash Royale

Following the words of the game: �clash’ �royale,’ it should give you an idea of what to expect. I think this one is an improvement to the Clash of the Clans mobile game. Here you’d square off in one-on-one duels with opponents online, that’s after you have collected cards, and built decks. Clash Royale is the latest collection from Supercell.

Cut the rope: magic

With this game, Angry Birds has been successfully relegated to the lower ranks. If you’re a fan of time wasting, simple brain puzzling games… and you love eating candy, you just got served. What you’d basically be doing in this mobile game, suited for boys of all categories, is to help Om Nom the monster eat the candy through a series of different levels.

Fallout Shelter

Wanna be the boy-game hero that takes survivors and gifts them shelter? There you go, this is the game for you. Step in and start building your ecosystem… but make sure it’s gon be a thriving ecosystem cus fires, raids from AI bad guys and the likes will stand as obstacles to you.

Final fantasy Brave Exvius

This is the game to squeeze critical brain thoughts from you. This is the best Final Fantasy–themed freemium game out there right now. Apart from the brain task it demands to triumph over bosses and hard opponents, this one’s pretty simple to learn its gameplay.

And you have it, hope you enjoy playing these games. But, do come back here to keep updated with the best mobile games for boys always, or… simply subscribe for our newsletter updates.


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